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Experimental Software


DiffPHC is a tool that allows you to measure the difference between two or multiple PHCs of the system.

Linearizible clock test

This is a vanilla program that tests the true clocks. It is by no means mature, yet. It only depends on the C++11 features and no extra packages are needed(e.g. thrift, etc.) The OSS socket library from are copied and modified for our needs.

Note: the original socket library does not support IPv6. Currently, efforts are only made to support IPv6 for UDP sockets.

Open time instrument

This software is a modified version of testptp. It uses the timestamper inputs of the Time Card to read PPS timestamps from the Time Card, and outputs TIE measurements in a format recognized by Calnex CAT.


  1. Enable the Time Card SMAs as Timestamper inputs
echo IN: TS1 >> /sys/class/timecard/ocp0/sma1
echo IN: TS2 >> /sys/class/timecard/ocp0/sma2
echo IN: TS3 >> /sys/class/timecard/ocp0/sma3
echo IN: TS4 >> /sys/class/timecard/ocp0/sma4
  1. Build this tool
  1. Run this application using the ptp device for the Time Card
./OpenTimeInstrument -d /dev/ptp1 -e -1
  1. Log results are made as .log files, one log per channel.