Demo Diagnostic OS Installer

The ONIE distribution also comes with a demonstration diagnostic installer. This is an installer that illustrates how to write an installer for a diagnostic image as discussed in Hardware Diagnostics [Optional].

The demo diag OS installer illustrates a number of concepts, useful for hardware vendors creating their own hardware diagnostic installers:

  • Where the diag image resides in the system
  • How to boot the diagnostic image from ONIE
  • Other architecture specific requirements for diagnostic images

Building the Demo Diag OS Installer

Building the demo diag OS installer follows the same mechanism described in the Building the Demo Installer section. Just build the demo target.

This Makefile target will build both the demo OS installer and the demo diagnostic OS installer. When compilation finishes, the demo diagnostic OS installer is located in build/images/demo-diag-installer-<platform>.bin.

Installing the Demo Diag Installer

Install the demo diagnostic OS the same way you install any other ONIE OS installer.


The order of operations in the factory for installing a diag on a new machine must follow:

  1. Install ONIE
  2. Install the diagnostic OS